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Nokia nmake Licensing Terms

By downloading any Nokia nmake software, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the Limited Right-to-Use Software License Agreement and the Nokia nmake License Agreement Addendum.

A license is required for each installed copy of the nmake product. Each license fee provides the right to use the product on a per architecture basis. For example, if the computing environment consists of an HP and Solaris configuration, then a license fee is owed for each of the HP and the Solaris servers.

Nokia nmake may be installed on a single host (known as the nmake server) and the resource advertised to client systems for a single license fee. UNIX®/Linux® networked client machine(s) MUST reside in license class I, II, or III, and the class of the client machine(s) MUST be equivalent to or smaller than the class of the nmake server. In other words, the license fee is charged to the largest machine class where nmake is executed. For example, if nmake is installed on a Sparc 10 and the binary is networked to a Sun Enterprise 3000, the license fee is charged to the Enterprise not the Sparc 10. All class IV systems MUST be registered as individual nmake servers. In the case where nmake is installed on a dedicated file server, like the Netware Appliance file server, the license fee is assessed to the largest client machine executing the product, not the dedicated file server. A dedicated file server is defined to be a system where the nmake product is installed but not executed.

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