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Report times found in a build log.

Download: buildlogrpts-20110510.tar.gz (zip)

Description is a Python script that reports the length of time each triggered shell action ran sorted longest to shortest. It can be used to identify slow areas of the build which may be candidates for optimization.


Usage and Options

python [ --help ] filename.xml

-h, --help
Show usage statement

Example Command Line

python makelog.xml

Example Output

0:03:32.864556 targ2 src/cmd/t2
0:01:33.858293 targ3 src/cmd/t3
0:01:04.085014 targ4 src/cmd/t4
0:00:33.030622 targ1 src/cmd/t1
0:00:00.695936 ca.o src/cmd/t1
0:00:00.693648 cc.o src/cmd/t3
0:00:00.691520 cb.o src/cmd/t2
0:00:00.675594 b.o src/cmd/t3
0:00:00.660692 a.o src/cmd/t3
0:00:00.615385 a.o src/cmd/t2
0:00:00.612100 a.o src/cmd/t1
0:00:00.608247 b.o src/cmd/t2
0:00:00.121718 /home/richb/bin/targ4 src/cmd/t4
0:00:00.063113 ../../../bin/targ2 src/cmd/t2
0:00:00.061131 ../../../bin/targ3 src/cmd/t3
0:00:00.061090 ../../../bin/targ1 src/cmd/t1
0:00:00.044407 ../../../bin src/cmd/t2
0:00:00.042788 ../../../bin src/cmd/t1
0:00:00.041787 /home/richb/bin src/cmd/t4
0:00:00.041720 ../../../bin src/cmd/t3

Script Description

The XML build log is parsed and stored in the buildlog variable as an element tree structure. The tree is pre-processed, adding a few attributes for later use: the parent node is saved to allow access to parent elements in the tree, and starting, ending, and duration time attribute data is saved on each target element. The script then iterates over all leaf target elements in the tree (that is, all targets not containing a child makelog element). The iteration is in reverse order of duration, that is from longest to shortest. For each of these targets, the duration, target name, and target directory relative to the vpath is printed. The vpath itself is obtained from the build log. Building block routines handling time and viewpath operations are imported from to allow reuse across multiple scripts.

Last Update: Friday,12-Aug-2016 12:16:34 EDT