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Display job times in a bar chart.

Download: buildlogrpts-20110510.tar.gz (zip)

Description is a Python script that generates a bar chart of triggered build job durations in seconds. Information identifying the build is displayed before the bar chart. The script outputs an HTML file that may be viewed in any Javascript/SVG compliant web browser. Each bar is clickable allowing drill down to job details as formatted in a web-based build report. The actual HTML formatting is generated from a template file for easy customization.


Usage and Options [ --help ] [ -u URL ] [ -o OUTPUT ] [ -t TEMPLATE ] filename.xml

-h, --help
Show usage statement and list options
-u URL, --url=URL
Set weblog base url
-o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT
set output file name
-t TEMPLATE, --template=TEMPLATE
set template file name

Example Command Line makelog.xml

Example Output

Target Durations Report: writing output to blexample_target_durations.html

Here is the generated web page: blexample_target_durations.html (png screen shot)


The following variations produce different style graphs and are included in the download package. They have the same requirements as

Script Description

The logic for the report is defined in function The report iterates over all leaf targets in the build, that is those targets that do not have a child makelog element. A list of target elements is built up where each element is a dictionary containing values needed for the report. The list is sorted in decreasing order of job duration, and converted to JSON format for inclusion in the controlling Javascript program. Finally, the HTML template is read in and template placeholders are expanded from values computed from the build log, and the expanded report is output.

Last Update: Friday,12-Aug-2016 12:16:55 EDT