Bug Fixes and Enhancements
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Nokia nmake lu3.2 contains ~50 bug fixes and enhancements. See the lu3.2 release notes for a complete list.
  • cc- now supports +opt and multiple options
  • :LINK: now supports dynamic source file generation
  • :MAKE: now allows targets to be recursively built
  • :MAKE: supports prerequisites of form dir/file.mk
  • print, :F now accept %[eEfFgG] conversion
Improved support for several compilers:
  • HP aCC now supports -I-
  • Full support for template archive libraries using the new Lucent C++ 5.0 --one_instantiation_per_object feature, improved 4.1 support
  • Increased support for native preprocessors supporting -I-
  • Support for .cpp and .cxx files in the base rules
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